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Experiences in Ocho Rios revolve around striking the ideal equilibrium between exploring Jamaica’s natural wonders and always having the chance for adventure. Do you know about Dunn’s River Falls? You have, we wager.

It’s conveniently located in Ocho Rios and is among the most well-liked activities in Jamaica. But Ocho Rios tours provide more than just the falls. There are many waterfall trips available to visitors, ranging from the popular Dunn’s River to the more sedate YS Falls. For those looking for an off-the-beaten-path Tarzan-style experience:

The Blue Hole offers rainforest pools encircled by beautiful mountains. Shaw Park Botanical Gardens, set atop a hilltop with views over the city, completes the list of natural attractions with its 25 acres of tropical blossoms and ponds covered with lilies.

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Visit Rainforest Adventures Mystic Mountain when the weather demands a little more excitement. Here, you can go ziplining, ATVing, and even bobsledding through the rainforest.

A mud buggy ride across five miles of beautiful trails is one of the eco-activities offered by Yaaman Adventure Park, which blends culture, adventure, and nature. Ocho Rios offers plenty of activities for anyone seeking a little more energy than sleepy Negril but a little more tranquility than crowded Montego Bay.

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